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Veteran Repairs

Are you a veteran in need of home repairs? Habitat for Humanity of Greater Peoria Area provides repairs and non-cosmetic improvements to low-income veteran households to help alleviate health and safety issues in and around their home.


• Must own a home within the Habitat Peoria Area (Peoria, Tazwell, Woodford. and Marshall counties)
• Home must be owner occupied and serve as primary residence of owner(s) and veteran(s)
• Veterans must demonstrate proof of veteran status
• Home must be a single-family residence (apartments, duplexes,etc.) are not eligible.
• Household income must be below current maximum income limits. (see chart below)
• Must be willing to partner with Habitat Peoria by committing to sweat equity as “repayment”
• Homeowners must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident.
• If chosen, all able-bodied residents (at least 18 years old) of the home must help volunteers complete project
HUD Year 2016 Maximum Income Guidelines
Family Size Monthly Income Annual Income
One $2,029-$3,245 $24,350-38,950
Two $2,137-$3,708 $27,800-$44,500
Three $2,608-$4,171 $31,300-$50,050
Four $2,896-$4,633 $34,750-$55,600
Five $3,129-$5,004 $37,550-$60,050
Six $3,3363-$5,004 $40,350-$64,500
Seven $3,592-5,746 $43,100-$68,950
Eight  $3,825-$6117 $45,900-$73,400

For an application please call Diana at (309) 676-6729 x 3